In accordance with FEC rules, full payment and a signed campaign agreement is due before media buys, production or polling can start.

We invite you to review our 2018 Presentation Deck of our services.

TELEVISION COMMERCIALS - Scott Political has earned the trust of Federal, State and Local Candidates plus PACs, 527's and Advocacy Groups. We make the process easy. Our production department takes pride in creating television commercials that communicate your exact vision. Our four most popular English television production designs with 2018 rates are:

Classic Design - Combines campaign website information, photographs/video clips with stock photographs/video clips, music, motion, graphics and professional voice over to create a powerful commercial.
With Media Buy $499
Without Media Buy $599
(Spanish add $150. Female add $50)

Actor Design - Male or female actor communicates your message.
With Media Buy $999
Without Media Buy $1299
(Spanish add $150. Female add $50)

Candidate Design - We film the candidate on location at a campaign stop, office or their home.
With Media Buy $999
Without Media Buy $2499

PAC/Advocacy Design - Most PAC ads are completed in our classic design format. If you desire a specific video of a candidate, we employ one of the top camera companies (the same company that provides video to all major television news networks and shows like TMZ) in America to capture your target in compromising or positive situations. No more still photos, only high quality footage to project the exact message you desire.
With Media Buy $4499
Without Media Buy $5999

We also offer closed captioning, standard and high definition (HD) production. No media buy is required to purchase our production. All of our production is “full buyout”. There are never additional fees or royalties. We work fast. TV Ads can be completed in 48 hours and on air in 72 hours. We create Spanish and English commercials. We offer Male and Female voices. We employ both union and non-union talent.

ONLINE VIDEO - A Scott Political commercial increases fundraising with ease. Many candidates use our commercials to display at fairs and fundraising events. For the candidate who finds it difficult to ask strangers for donations, displaying a professional commercial is an easy way to ask for a donation to your media fund. "I could use your help to purchase air time. Every dollar helps." The results are impressive.

Online Video Design - Combines campaign website information, photographs/video clips with stock photographs/video clips, music, motion, graphics and professional voice over to create a powerful commercial. Your Online video will be completed in 48 hours and delivered in mp4 format via email or our FTP server.
(Spanish add $150. Female add $50)

Today when a Voter arrives at your website an online video displays the image and energy you need. A professional commercial adds credibility to your campaign. A Scott Political commercial is perfect for posting to the campaign website and to Online sites like YouTube. If you decide to air your commercial(s) on television we will process and deliver your commercial to the station(s) at an additional fee. There is no additional fee for this service if Scott Political conducts the media placement.

ONLINE FOCUS GROUPS - Our focus group service confirms the message of your Online video, Television or Radio commercial(s). We pay our participants. Our process is to create two or three commercials that are critically judged. It is amazing what your campaign or PAC will learn from the feedback. We ask our clients to consider this question: If you are going to invest thousands of dollars in a media buy, isn’t it worth $5,000 to be certain that the message you need delivered to the voters, is indeed being delivered?

POLLING - Scott Political polls are fast, affordable and accurate. We conduct polls for all sizes of campaigns and PACs. We know how to phase the questions and importantly how to understand the responses. Our polls always reveal the truth. You might not like the results, but the data will be accurate. We continually demonstrate that a poll pays for itself. A poll eliminates guess work, significantly reduces waste of hard earned campaign dollars, improves fundraising and increases staff productivity. A poll is your competitive advantage. Polls can be completed in less than six days. We conduct issue/opinion, benchmark, push, name recognition and tracking polls. All Scott Political poll results include a confidential consultation on how to address each line item. "Plan. Implement the plan. Win!" You need a poll to properly plan. The reality about politics in 2018: If you can't afford a poll at the beginning of you campaign, you can't afford to run for office!

RADIO COMMERCIALS - Scott Political is an award winner for excellence in political radio scripts and voice work. We offer male, female and Spanish voices. We employ union and non-union talent. We deliver your commercial via email in .mp3 format. Our commercials include professional copywriting, music and sound effects. Our copywriter judged the 2018 AAPC "Pollie" Awards (considered the Oscars® of political advertising) as he has on multiple occasions.

We work fast. Radio commercials can be completed in 24 hours and on air in 48 hours. Our team understands how messages and counter-messages need to be quickly changed in a close race. Scott Political has developed a "Rapid Ad Deployment" system that has no equal in the political media placement industry. 2018 English radio production rates are:

:15 Second Commercial
With Media Buy $99
Without Media Buy $199
(Spanish add $100. Female add $50)

:30 Second Commercial
With Media Buy $199
Without Media Buy $299
(Spanish add $100. Female add $50)

:60 Second Commercial
With Media Buy $299
Without Media Buy $399
(Spanish add $100. Female add $50)

MEDIA PLACEMENT - Scott Political specializes in micro-targeted media placement. Due to the precision of our media placement, in most cases we can double the impact of campaign media budgets. Our television and radio media placement team utilize the most recent research available. We place media buys with Broadcast stations (ABC, NBC, CBS…), Cable stations (CNN, FOX, MSNBC, TNT…) and Radio stations (Local and National). We work with campaign budgets of all sizes. Request a free media plan today with current rates and target information. Our television and radio media placement rates are the standard advertising agency rate or gross rate card.

NO OBLIGATION CAMPAIGN REVIEW - Thinking of running for office? Just beginning your campaign? In the middle of the campaign and need help? There is never a fee for a telephone consultation. We will help you assess the vote targets needed to win, discuss polling and media requirements for your campaign. In less than five minutes you will understand why one client wrote "Spectacular! I hope your company never goes away. You made the process easy, the cost was low and the quality of all four commercials were impressive. I am meeting next week with a group of candidates who can all benefit from your service." CALL US TODAY 202-774-9990.

Payment Options: Gold Medal Media Group LLC also DBA Scott Political accepts Major Credit Cards, Bank Wire or Checks (certified, personal, business and campaign checks). Per FEC regulations, work doesn’t begin until funds are confirmed cleared by our bank, Bank of America. BANK WIRE: Bank Wire is the fasted way to start your polling, media production or media placement. CHECK: The easiest method is to scan and email the front and back of Check. Your check will be electronically deposited the same day. You may prefer to express mail a hard copy of the check to our office. If you live near a Bank of America branch and prefer to deposit the funds in person please advise. CREDIT CARD: Gold Medal Media Group LLC accepts all major credit cards or PAYPAL for media production only.